I Can’t Wait

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I can’t wait
to get you
where I want
you to be:
on your back
with your hands
tied & your
legs spread
so I can look
at you with
& you can’t
do a damn thing
about it

I will take
what is mine
& have my way
& fuck you
till I am
& you are
left wondering
what day
of the week it is
& whether or not
the wet patch
is on your side
of the bed
or mine

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait

  1. Glad you’re safely across the ditch ! 😉

    Very well said my friend, very succinct description of what we who submit in a context of sexual content seek. Dazed, confused, wicked grin afterwards & a heartfelt inner “hell yeah !”

    Oh, and are the wetspots ever on Her side ?

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