I am in my early 30’s or 40’s… and it is always rude to ask a woman her age!

As we get to know each other, I will share myself accordingly but for now, here is a little bit more about me to intrigue you…

I am a University Post Graduate of the arts with a bit of health science on the side.

I ride motorbikes. I own a beautiful Harley-Davidson called ‘Doris’…mainly because I ride her like a Nana!  I have also owned Ducati’s and Honda’s, but please don’t think that I am the proverbial biker chic, covered in tattoo’s, with a foul mouth.  While I do have some tasteful art on my body and can swear like a trooper if necessary, I am very much a feminine woman.

I am a writer. I have had several poems published in hard copy in New Zealand. Recently I had a poem and article published in hard copy nation-wide in Australia.  Please view My Blog if you would like to read some of my politics, poetry or stories.

I am a musician. I have performed as a lead vocalist in many bands over the years, and was a contestant in Stars in your Eyes, New Zealand as Karen Carpenter!  Currently I am looking for a new band to front.  I sing a mixture of country, classic rock, rock and pop.  I’ve sipped champagne with Axl Rose from Guns n’ Roses and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row to name a few and I am also learning to play the drums!

I am a water babe who loves anything to do with the sea.  Fishing, sailing, swimming, snorkling or diving.  Bring it on!

So… tell me about you!


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