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Juicy Jezabel


As you can imagine, I get asked a lot about all sorts of weird and wonderful, kinky things. The most common requests by far, are for my used knickers, or panties as they are lovingly referred to by my sniffers and wearers.

My used panties are called Juicy Jezabel’s and I offer them to you for a fee, plus the cost of the panties, plus postage (free within Australia). Payment can be made via Beem It @maximon (Australia only) or bank deposit.

Some of my clients will send me what they want me to wear, with specific instructions ie; how long I am to wear them for, while others will be happy with me posting a surprise pair of Juicy Jezabel’s every month or so, but either way I am delighted!

I take great pleasure in knowing that some kinky fucker is going to be sniffing, licking, chewing, wearing and masturbating with my Juicy Jezabel panties and revelling in my Eau de Parfum. It’s quite erotic! Some like a subtle 24hr fragrance while others ask for the works over a period of days. Whatever floats your boat I say! 

I have a wide selection of different styles of Juicy Jezabel’s ranging from plain cotton, to silky and lacy ones also in different colours. I prefer wearing G-strings or T-strings but I will wear whatever style you want me to wear for your special occasion.

Dont be shy – many people enjoy sniffing panties and it’s always a pleasant surprise finding a pair on the bathroom floor!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Juicy Jezabel’s, call me direct or send me an email outlining your requirements with an address for delivery. I am more than willing to drench the perfect pair of panties for your intimate pleasure!

Bon appetite! Jx

Juicy Jezabel Panties

My Juicy Jezabel Panties


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