How to be a Gentleman

As funny as it may seem,  there are a few things I need to share with you that will ensure we get off to a good start.  My experience has shown that not everyone knows how to approach an escort or a woman for that matter, in a way that shows respect and integrity.

Below are a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your general information…


Ring me rather than text.

Ensure your phone number is not Withheld, (otherwise I will ignore your call).

Be friendly and polite (courtesy costs nothing).

Introduce yourself.  “Hi.  My name is ——-” (NOT Slim Shady).

Tell me what you are desiring. “Are you available for dinner tonight at 7pm?”

Use the correct language.  “Do you allow Pearl Necklaces? (NOT, can I cum on ya tits!)

Dress well.

Arrive on time.

Bring something with you – flowers, chocolates, wine, a small token or gesture, something quirky.

Bring the correct fee in a card or envelope.  Add a tip if you are feeling generous.

Ring me if you are running late or need to cancel (not 5 minutes before).

Have a shower and brush your teeth/gargle.  (I don’t want to kiss last nights dinner…)

Keep your genital area clean and tidy (I prefer shaved genitals).

Use deodorant.

Laugh and have fun!


…assume, that I will accept your enquiry

…quibble over my fee.  There are plenty of other escorts to choose from.

…ask for change…lol!

…send me a pic of your penis.

…hang up on me.

…say you have already had a shower and don’t need another one.

…think that I will compromise my health and well-being for your pleasure

People often take these simple things for granted.  Common sense goes a long way and will make all the difference to your experience and mine.


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