…is what turns us all on!  If I didn’t enjoy my sexuality, and take steps to enhance it, I would be a very unhappy woman and you would be left wanting.  Let me give you an insight into what rocks my world…

Time is of the essence!  It takes time to truly allow your senses to become ignited.  Sensual massage, scented candles. soft music all combine to stimulate the mind and body.  Time is not a commodity to be wasted.  To share intimately with another both soothes the soul and heals the heart.

Food is the way to my soul!  I love to be wined and dined.  Surprise me with a reservation to an exquisite establishment, and I will tantalise you with sensual, sexy evening wear, intelligent conversation and seductive flirtations.  I love steak, seafood, pasta, Caesar salads, cheese, strawberries, dark chocolate and bubbles!  Lots of bubbles!

The Arts ignite my imagination! I am in love with The Arts. The expression of beauty in all its forms deepens my sense of spirituality and belonging in the world. An evening at the Theatre, Opera or Ballet would certainly start off my evening with an applause, or simply take me to a live band in an intimate bar for a few drinks.  An art gallery will always enthral.

Gifts make me smile! I love to feel cherished. I cannot function without my pedicures and manicures, facials and waxing.  If you are ever in doubt about what to surprise me with, a gift voucher to an established spa is a winner.  Fine lingerie, exotic Floral Oriental perfumes, a box of chocky’s or surprise me with something quirky.  I was given a crocodile head not long ago…

Travel leads me astray! Whether it is a quick weekend getaway or 10 days travelling by campervan from Adelaide to Brisbane (thank you Mick), travel always keeps my zest for life thriving.  Sometimes a change is as good as a cure for those winter blues. Recharging my mind, body and soul will keep me by your side, ready to see and do what ever takes our fancy.  Bring it on!  I love fishing, trekking or horse riding as much as doing absolutely nothing, or staying in bed…

Sex, makes me purr! I am an active lover.  I like to be in control unless you take the time to figure out what makes me tick.  I am open to having my world rocked!  I have a wee foot fetish too.  I simply love my feet being massaged and pedicured.  I love to indulge others who have a thing for feet/shoes too.  I am very sexually open, so just talk to me if you have another type of kink or fetish you would like to explore.  My imagination is vivid! What turns you on…?


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