Tinders Cora Pearl


Tinder dating.

Balancing on that tight rope between modern meat markets, vintage marriage proposals and a continuum of taffeta excuses for those with no idea about couture.

Coffee date number two,

torn between a Trelise Trelise Cooper bustle or Collette Dinnigan trousers, opting for mid length K-mart culottes and flat shoes – quite sensible really.

Then he makes a move, casually stroking her genius arm while he takes a business call leaning back on his wing.

It’s an affront to Cora’s touch-starved senses; Georgette raised speed bumps, bristle with expectations.

Its awkward for a moment –

deciding weather to pirouette or sashay onto the dancefloor with some spurious home truths.

Ta da!

‘I used to be a sex worker’,

she crowed, sipping on a nonchalant eyelash latte on the verge of treason

‘and if I decide to go back, you can’t stop me’.


Ms Pearl takes another sip, the onslaught of ignorance threatening to tighten her whale bone corset breath, now held in contempt.

A standing ovation or white knuckled finale taking the bias edge out of contention, taking it all in.

See, she can’t see the point of another round of ruffles and rouge.


Spontaneous attraction hides in the shadows

of a cloak and dagger past life, frightened

by a mere unorthodox interlude.



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Motels Not Happy About Hookers

Offensive Media Articles

Again, another shoddy attempt at journalism.  Poorly written and bia’s.  The Morning Bulletin published an article in Rockhampton titled Motels not happy about hookers’, dated 18th November, 2011 by Kerri-Anne Mesner.  In this article I am offended by the language that has been used to refer to legal sex workers and the total lack of consultation with sex worker organisations, such as RESPECT Inc.

The derogatory word ‘prostitute’ has been used eight times, and the word ‘hooker’ twice, including in the title.  The correct title ‘legal sex workers’ has not been used at all.  There is also a lack of counter-argument from sex workers in the article.  I have no doubt in my mind that Kerri-Anne Mesner made little or no attempt to consult with sex worker organisations for comments.  If she did, I expect she would have sent an email at 4.45pm on a Friday afternoon, when most people have already left for the weekend.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the obvious bias in the article.  Unfortunately, a lot of Australians are ignorant of the arguments for or against sex workers and rely on the media for facts. Sadly, media articles like this one do more harm than good and are no more than inflammatory.  Journalists need to be educated about how to write and research their stories and at the very least, have their stories read by an editor to ensure high reporting standards are maintained.  Kerri-Anne Mesner’s article is embarrassing and insulting to the general public who are educated who can read between the lines.  I feel I have to fill in some of the gaps in order to develop the story into one worth reading.

It is important to add that the recent Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) decision ruling against the legal sex worker known as GK in favour of the owners of the Drovers Rest Motel in Moranbah, is being appealed.  It is highly likely to be overturned and bought in line with current anti-discrimination laws and modern business practice.  Unfortunately people in positions of power are also human and prone to letting their own personal bias interfere with ethical decision-making, as is evident in this particular ruling.

Following on from this, is the weak interpretation of the Liquor Licensing Act that QCAT based their decision on.  In my opinion, if it is all of a sudden found to be illegal to operate a business from your motel room, which has a mini bar, in a hotel/motel that holds a liquor license, then wouldn’t that also apply to all the other businessmen and woman who use hotels and motel’s?  Consider ‘business’ conferences conducted for all sorts of businesses across Australia where alcohol is served or available.

The assertion that lawful sex workers are now moving into unlicensed premises is a misnomer.  We have always been there.  The comment by yet another motel owner is blatant evidence that he has been practising discrimination against lawful sex workers for at least four years by ‘turfing them out’.  How has he been able to get away with this illegal behaviour?  The idea that there are also legal sex workers who are male or transgender seems to completely baffle the owners.  They  appear ignorant that the sex industry is not a woman only service provider.  I would like to know how they ‘discovered’ how much money the male sex worker was earning?  I can only assume he had been stalked.  What disgusting language to refer to a legal sex worker as a ‘male-on-male’!

Further more, I would like to know how they can tell the difference between one legal sex worker and another?  How do they know which lawful sex workers will behave questionably?  My guess is that they don’t and they have made an unlawful policy by labelling all sex workers as problematic.  All this does is create an even bigger problem by not addressing the actual behaviour, on a case-by-case basis, as you would with any other guest.  I suspect that there is an irrational fear of legal sex workers which has resulted in whorephobia.

In conclusion, although these articles frustrate and annoy me for there poor reporting, they are useful for highlighting what the actual issues are.  Gender discrimination, sex worker discrimination and sexism.  They encourage debate, and in my opinion any debate is better than complete denial of the issues.  It is clear in the article in question, that Kerri-Anne Mesner has not really thought about what the real story here is.  She has missed her opportunity to really make a journalistic impression on those of us with learned intelligence.

It is about time the media took some pride in their stories and did Australians a service instead of slapping us in the face with bigotry.  Kerri-Anne Mesner could be forgiven for taking the easy road, but in this instance the implications of her negligence on the community is too great.  It is important that Australians are educated about facts about sex work, sex workers and the law.  Only then will the general public be fully informed about the pro’s and con’s of all aspects of the sex industry.  It is simply an injustice to write about moralistic assumptions based on what a small group of hostile hoteliers are saying without hearing what key experts have to say on the real issues.

I am carefully considering making formal complaints about media articles like this that discriminate in their own words.  It is about time we take a stand and insisted that journalists are university educated and supervised before their stories can be published.  Australia needs information to be based on fact rather than speculation.  Anything less, is nothing more than bullshit.  Jx


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Prostitutes Told To Go Elsewhere!

Offensive Media Articles

I am referring to yet another ridiculous article in the media.  This time it is an article in the Daily Mercury in Mackay, titled Prostitutes Told To Go Elsewhere by Andrea Davy, dated the 17th of November, 2011.  However, the comments made on this article are much more concerning and show anecdotal evidence of the depth of gender and sex-worker discrimination in Australia.

It seems that Mackay managers and owners have an ‘eye’ for female sex workers and an ‘ear’ for things that go hump in the night!  There is no mention of male or trans sex workers what-so-ever!   I wonder if they are aware of how many outcall’s we sex workers do where we are invited in to their guests room?

I feel it is my duty as a professional sex worker to point out that these particular managers and owners are in the minority. There are numerous hoteliers who are more than happy to have us stay and work from a room all over the world.  Not all sex workers are a nuisance.  But within any industry, we all need to learn how best to conduct ourselves.  In most cases, if you treat a person, sex worker or other, with respect, and discuss your concerns directly, then it is more likely that a win/win solution is found where everyone is happy.  There are of course exceptions to the rule, however the key to successful business management is communication. The same principle applies to my clients.  I have included a whole page on my website dedicated to educating my clients on how to behave.  It works well.

Since it is legal in Australia for sex workers to practice Lawful Sexual Activity, it stands to reason that people need to learn to manage how best to accommodate sex workers throughout Australia.  This includes sex workers learning how to work alongside hotel/motel owner operators.  In a modern world, I expect that there is respectful discussion and negotiation from both sides, however I do not accept blatant disrespect for the law by citizens who see themselves as a law unto themselves.  It is illegal to discriminate and implement a ‘no working girl’ policy anywhere in Australia!

The article only seems to discuss sex work and does not consider how many other types of work is conducted from hotel rooms.  Most people enjoy the availability of internet so they can continue to work.  Travelling sales agents regularly ‘ply their trade’ and conduct their businesses from their rooms.   It is ludicrous to blatantly discriminate and allow some trades and not others.  There are a lot of generalisations being made about sex workers and guests.  There is a huge demand for sex workers.  Sex workers are meeting the demands and are often sought by guests.  Guests include men, women and couples.  Yes, I also see women and couples.  I do not discriminate or judge others based on their marital status, gender or sexuality.

The argument appears to be a moral one.  I like Mattj001’s comment, where he quotes HG Wells, who said “moral indignation is jealousy with a halo”.  People seem indignant at how much sex some people are having.  People also seem to be perturbed by how much money some sex workers earn.  If we looked at the actual numbers of sex workers registered to pay tax on their earnings with the Australian Tax Office, I can guarantee this figure will be increasing every year and this equates to new industry money in the government coffers.

As sex workers begin to trust that they will be treated like any other worker, and receive all the same rights and opportunities as other hard working sole traders, they will feel more inclined to declare the majority of their earnings and have no qualms about doing so.  Fair Work Australia need to support sex workers fully and completely.  However, I am concerned that my hard earned tax dollars are not being spent nearly enough on national and community projects involving sex workers in education, health and safety, and worker compensation.  But that is another issue.

The article shows a particularly nasty Redneck underbelly within Mackay, if not Australia.  FearlessFred’s comments are particularly alarming, as are other comments attempting to fabricate a link between rape, child abuse and sex work/ers.  There seems to be an entirely false set of mores circulating within Australia and I would have to write a completely new article to discuss them.  I can tell you that rape is violence and is perpetrated throughout society against women (and men) in every area of society.  I can also tell you that paedophiles do not discriminate between boys and girls and are more often than not, someone we know, who is trusted and has complete access to our children.  They do not walk around with a sign around their neck nor do they belong to any one sub-section of society.

In conclusion, there appears to be discrimination based on gender and against sex workers in general.  There is also a misrepresentation of the nature of sex work and of sex workers both collectively and individually.  It is apparent that there needs to be more constructive discussion and debate between sex workers, the government, lawmakers and public opinion.  Journalists need to be educated on how to write articles that are a credit to their profession rather than an appalling attempt to confer with assumed popular belief.

Sex workers need to be recognised as the experts in their profession and as such need to be consulted on all area’s pertaining to sex work in Australia.  Important law reform and increased awareness and understanding of the nature and scope of sex work, will not occur until we have honest and frank discussion in order to dispel the myths associated with it. Important debates need to continue with the aim of improving the current laws and regulation.  Jx

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On Meeting Mistress – Pink Derriere

Reflections of Bohemia

Today was the day I introduced Mistress to my derriere.  Please take a reverent moment to observe the pic immediately to your right, and imagine the result of an hour and a half of playing with various instruments of discipline (without the underwear).  But before I recant my story for you, my dear readers, I will start with the emotional buildup of the previous 12 hours in order for you to take a leap of faith and put yourself in my underwear.

Of course, the build up had been much longer than 12 hours.  I think the whole process from start to finish was about 4 weeks from my initial email to Mistress, until I bent over and assumed the position, with my derriere poised to meet her strokes…

During the past week,  I had been feeling incredibly horny!  I could noticeably feel my sexual tension building.  I had no idea of what to expect, other than I was going to be spanked, smacked, strapped, caned and generally walloped.  I did not know if I would feel excited, sad, horny, hurt or numb.  But the idea that I would feel something, made the build up to my first BD/SM experience rather exhilarating to say the least.

I did the usual things to alleviate my sexual urges – sex, masturbation and I also googled appropriate porn to match my naughty thoughts (wicked grin).  I enjoyed explosive orgasm’s, one after the other.  I hadn’t experienced such intense sexual energy for a very long time.  I can only put it down to my willingness to experiment with my sexuality, to resuscitate her back to life.  I recommend to those of you wondering what it would be like, to take a leap of faith and trust a professional Dominatrix to show you something safe and different.

Funnily enough, I did not experience any fear or trepidation.  I presumed this would be a normal expectation, but nothing happened.  No nervous tension, no butterflies, no anxiety – except insomnia the evening prior.  I stayed up the entire night!  I just could not sleep.  I put this down to the fact that I had no idea what to expect, therefore I could not make any experiential references, therefore I was restlessly ignorant!  However, now that I am enlightened, I remain positively invigorated.  Let me explain.

I arrived at 12.30pm on the dot.  I made an effort to put my hair up in a high ponytail.  I wore high fish net stockings up to my midriff.  Black bra. A skirt.  No knickers.  Italian boots and a singlet top. I’m a real Westie Chic – complete with tattoo’s and piercings, preparing for an Eastern education.  I have light makeup on I consider appropriate for our meeting.  I have two bags of clothing with props I am unsure about changing into, so I pretty much cover all the bases by including lingerie, stilleto’s, a pvc dress, and a classic leather studded teddy.

We meet, except this time she greets me at the top of her driveway as I am walking with my head down, and I am somewhat startled by her presence here.  Again, we greet and I make my way into her ‘dungeon’.  I notice, on the bed, an array of implements which I presume, are for me.  I  make myself a coffee and plonk my bags down, muttering that I didn’t really know what to bring.  I sit in a comfortable chair while Mistress enquires about what we might do today.

I get changed into a short black dress, fishnets and stilletto‘s.  Mistress and I then enact a couple of typical client based role-play’s.  She pretends to be the client, while I practice strutting my stuff.  I am inappropriately giggling all the while!  Something I know I will never do with a paying client, unless it is specifically requested.  I do not advocate under any circumstances assuming that humiliation is standard for every client.  It is far from this.  People and their fantasies and role-plays are as varied as the individual imagination.  One size does not fit all.

After a short while, Mistress notices that I am preoccupied with the array of instruments on the bed and she suggests we begin.  I am well aware that I was wanting to experiment with these intriguing things right from the start but I was happy to go with the flow, knowing that all good things come to those who wait.  I change and place myself on all fours on the corner of her bed.  I am surrounded by mirror’s.  This is not the time to notice I have a big butt!  Mistress comments on how beautiful my bottom is compared to her usual fare.

She begins gently.  She spanks me with an open hand.  I am immediately reassured that she is not going to beat me to a pulp as some would imagine.  Her objective is to build trust and I am already head-over-heels in trust with Mistress.  Then she moves on and I experience a light tap of this and a harder twack of that, as she initiates my behind with a full variety of sensations.  I am unperturbed.  I am giggling most of the time and fully engaged with her.  I can see that she is enjoying herself too.

“its not often I get to see a beautiful full bottom.  Bottom men would love yours!”

After a while, the tools of the trade increased in intensity.  Each had a song unto itself. That’s my best description.  Each implement had a sting or thud or slap that left an individual or collective mark.  My bottom was becoming quite warm, just prior to catching on fire!  But it is strangely tolerable.  It is not what you virginal observers would think.  Far from it in fact.  I am aware that she is only going light to moderate strength but I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.  This is so not what you have all been imagining.

Next we have a break, for photographs.  After all, my sessions are being funded and I feel it is only appropriate I demonstrate my progress as it develops.   A few pics of my bottom in all her pink glory, are taken and sent.  Before we move on to the bondage equipment! Woop woop!  I am cuffed in exactly the same way as before except I am wearing my underwear.  I am blindfolded and I allow myself to continue to dialogue with Mistress as she suspends my body.  I am relaxed.  I trust Mistress.  I can’t explain it but I do.

She talks to me about what some clients may want.  Different textures of gloves and fabrics that are moved over my body.  They feel different and sensual.  I am touched on my inner thighs, the top of my mons and my breasts but not intrusively.  The whole idea is to build trust and confidence in my Mistress that she is not going to harm me more than I can handle.  Her motto is Safe, Sane and Consensual.  She places electrodes on my body and begins a gentle electrical impulse.  This is not a painful process but becomes intense as she turns up the volume, so to speak.

Somewhere in between, she continues to cane my bum and it is not as I anticipated.  She gave me 6 of the best!  I don’t know whether or not I am abnormal or deranged, but the whole process did not harm me in any way.  I exclaimed to Mistress that I had become incredibly wet. There is a subtle difference between sexual reaction and arousal.  Although there was no sexual response, it was very evident that I was aroused.  Just the proximity of the strokes would have contributed to my increased moisture of their own accord.

At one point, Mistress intimates that she would provided me with sexual hand relief, as is sometimes the norm, however since her experience had not included many (if any) women, she is not sure if she knows how this would eventuate (with me in mind).  I tell her quite clearly that I would have no problem in the same situation, since my bisexuality has very distinct advantages, but I do not acknowledge or accept her invitation and intuitively this is sorted without stating the obvious.  A very skilled Mistress indeed!

So, I survived!  I have entered into the dungeon of forbidden horrors and come out unscathed.  You lot don’t know a damn thing about BD/SM!  I am not deranged.  I am not insane.  I am not fucked up.  I am not a sexual deviant.  I am intelligent, smart, attractive, happy, curious, courageous and did I mention intelligent?  I have allowed myself a respectful experience with a respectful and nurturing Mistress who cares. If I choose to pursue this path as a career or otherwise, I want to care about the people who trust me with their deepest, darkest desires.

I am looking forward to my next encounter with Mistress.  I do not know in what format the next meeting will be.  We have talked about me observing her as she works her Mistress magic with her clients.  I feel I need to see how it all works in person in order to learn how to manage my feminine power and control.  It is very different to role-play a situation without anything to base it on.  I am hoping I will get the chance to observe and perhaps administer under supervision, if all goes well.

Until next time, I hope I have enlightened you, piqued your interest and debunked any false negative stereotypes of BD/SM or Dominatrices.  They are not all leather-clad, vixen bitches who will beat the crap out of you while you are tied up and can’t move!  Although these Amazon’s are more than happy to deal to this if this is your fantasy, Dominatrices are also other things for many different types of need.  Keep an open mind and don’t judge lest you be judged inaccurately yourself.

Happy bondage!  I will deal with the rest of you later… Jx

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My love
is in a constant state of flux:

she is a free spirit
as naked as she is coy

shy beyond reason
her senses betray her

ever-widening polygamous circle
of  ‘friends with benefits’

today, I languish in the arms of those
who, in the privacy of their shared

profess to asexual tendencies

off & on

a pair of comfortable shoes
is the next best thing

to the proverbial
wet patch

she cloaks herself
in makeshift aroma & powdered illusions

power & control
wanting & needing

pushing & pulling
to feel simply unencumbered

monogamy is a death trap
says the muse

my love is everywhere
I want it to be


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Coal Girls Hit Pay Dirt

Offensive Media Articles

I am referring to a recent article in the Sunday Mail (Qld), titled “Coal Girls’ Hit Paydirt at Queensland’s Booming Mining Towns”, dated 6th November, 2011, by Kathleen Donaghey, Daryl Passmore and Jackie Sinnerton.

I take great offence from the undertone of this article and the supposed research being composed by Kerry Carrington.  I am a successful private independent sex worker and I, like the majority of sex workers, use condoms with all of my clients and conduct STI checks with every client (male and female).  I also have regular health checks for my own peace of mind even though it is not required of an independent sex worker in Queensland.

It is not the sex workers who are spreading disease, as articles like this insinuate.  The truth is that sex workers have led the way in STI prevention because we are self-regulating, our bodies are our business and it is part of sex work culture to use condoms.  We are not the reason there is an increase in STI’s in the mining towns or anywhere for that matter.  The increase is largely due to our young people between the ages of 15-24, who are choosing to have un-protected sex as par for the course.  There is little or no evidence that suggests that sex workers contribute to this debate either directly or indirectly.

I am more concerned with poorly researched, speculative media articles like this that paint a false, disgusting, negative image of sex workers as less than human, unclean and ignorant.  The language these journalists have used is highly emotive and bias.  Words like prostitute, hookers, privateers and unregulated all paint a slanderous picture of sex workers generally with no regard of the socio-political implications. Suggesting that our industry is unregulated and contributing to rising statistics in STI’s is blatant misrepresentation by researcher Kerry Carrington.  Ignorance breeds ignorance in this case.  Her research is already tainted and will hold no credibility.  Articles like this, directly contribute to the stigma sex workers deal with on a regular basis from the general public.

Since the passing of New Zealand’s Prostitution Reform Act 2003, Kiwi sex workers and their consenting clients, have enjoyed decriminalisation of the sex industry with all the perks and priviledges that go along with it.  Sex workers have the same benefits as any other sole trader or business owner.  By normalising the sex industry in this way, the profession is now safer, healthier and happier for everyone concerned.   By imposing differing and contradictory bogus rules and regulations from state to state, as Australia seems hell bent of doing, does little to improve the overall health, work and safety issues that are present in our industry.

If Australians agreed to decriminalise sex work and have one national policy,  then people (clients, workers and the public) would know where each other stands and take responsibility for playing their own parts.  The Police would be available to engage with sex workers and focus on investigations and complaints more openly where violent crime against women occurs (sex worker or not).  I’m sure sex workers would feel a lot more positive about providing information to police if we knew we were not going to be victimised or charged.

The government would be able to focus on sexual health issues like the ones raised here by continuing to adequately fund sexual health services, youth and other community organisations like RESPECT Inc, who support new and existing sex workers by providing education and distribution of condoms, so they can continue to practice their work safely.  I would like to see my hard earned tax dollars being invested positively in this way!

I digress, but my point has been made.  Haven’t you, the media,  got more pressing issues to worry about other than poking your nose into an industry that you obviously know nothing about and who are not prepared to research appropriately?  Furthermore, what are you actually trying to say by referencing how much money sex workers may or may not make? Many people earn good money working (sex work, mining or other).  Who cares?

A CEO can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, in order to reflect the nature of their job and the social and political pressures that go along with it.  Is sex work any less different?  Look at the personal, social, political and public pressures sex workers have to deal with on a daily basis, so aptly demonstrated by The Sunday Mail in the article in question.  Sex workers earn and deserve every cent they make and we are appreciated by our clients, despite the presence of whorephobic journalists.  I will continue to have my say on matters that affect and concern me, my colleagues, clients, friends and family.

It saddens me that there are people in journalism who have no regard for their profession and who clearly skipped the series of lectures on professional ethics, social justice and implications of getting it wrong.  It would have been more useful to raise the issues of the increase in reported STI’s by listing current research, evidence and statistics followed by some youth friendly tips, in an attempt to raise the awareness for young people about STI’s and condoms.  Now that would have made a positive statement.  As it stands, this article is embarrassing, offensive and degrading to sex workers and their clients.


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In a Nutshell – Sex Work and the Law

About Sex Work

In Queensland, Australia, private independent sex workers may operate as a sole trader and practice lawful sexual activity from their place of residence or a motel, as long as they adhere to the Prostitution Act 1999,  Criminal Code [Chapter 22A Prostitution][1] and Prostitution Licencing Authority (PLA) regulations which state that:

  • The sex worker must work alone (two sex workers must not share a premises even if they work separate shifts)
  • The sex worker is allowed to employ a qualified bodyguard/driver
  • The bodyguard/driver is allowed to be on the premises but must remain hidden and not answer the phone or the door, unless bodyguard services are required.
  • The sex workers partner or husband/wife is allowed on the premises as long as they are not profiting from the sex workers lawful sexual activity (pimping) and must be able to show separate income and household contributions
  • No one is receiving ‘kickbacks’ from a sex worker in order to sex work ie; hotel/motel owner operators.
  • The sex worker does not publicly solicit sex services
  • The sex worker does not provide sex services without a condom (Natural)
  • The sex worker must not use the word Massage in advertising
  • The sex worker must not publish an advertisement:
    –  that describes the services offered;
    –  which might induce a person to seek employment as a sex worker;
    –  that states directly or indirectly, that the person’s business provides or is connected with massage services; or
    –  use radio, television, film or video recording.

In addition, an advertisement (including a website on the Internet) that is published must be in the approved form. The Act provides guidance about what constitutes an approved form.

I am very pleased to announce that this website has been approved by the Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA).  I wrote an email asking for guidance, particularly due to the content of my blog and some of the bondage images.  After a few tweaks, I was approved.

Thank you


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Lady of the Night


Your wish is my command:
I will push back and pull forward
confronting your senses while tearing apart my own

I perform admirably.
I hold my head up in the face.
There is only one thing on my mind

No monthly specials here!
No flat ‘on my back’ rate either.
I’m a bargain in the first place, comparatively.
They should be so lucky

No chance of getting bored.
I re-invent events, creatively
juicy and spicy hot
with a side of lies

The blood never drains nor loses its metallic colour
and the well will never run dry
with KY, spread
from arsehole to breakfast like _______

I lie
on my back, my side, my stomach
and my face is covered.
69 divine and women line up?
I am not exclusive, smile (wink).
Sad and lonely is universally applied, like my eye-liner
smudged and blurred,
obscured from most

I provide a service.
The hostess with the most(est),
and fine wine will have you spellbound!

They line up,
in a downtown apartment with a sea view
on Fur-Lined Avenue – not!

My un-inhibited wide-on, exhibited
and the 26th floor, awaits you
but I am not for free.
Never for free.

I am a Lady of the Night,
who shines in the face of adversity
with trust issues and insecurities like the rest of us.
I am not blinded by earthly needs by fools.
I wake up.
I put on my make-up.
I dance to my own tune,
and pay the bills

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Ode to Cigarette Withdrawal


I am an avid writer!

Watch this space for interesting articles and news.

Here is one of my poems for you to ponder.  If you can relate to trying to quit cigarettes… I wrote this one just for you!









Ode to Cigarette Withdrawal

the sweet desire

for oral pleasure
still lingers
on my


one last

she slips
into something
warm & inviting

& I watch him
slowly undress
before raising his shaft

can I have one?
her voice
pleading desperado

he assumes the position
& I am sucked right in

he gestures
she folds, rolls
& sets her fire to smoulder

her submission
his mission


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