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Hello everyone! I am letting everyone know that I will be continuing to sex work throughout this heinous Coronavirus pandemic, but only ONLINE as this is my only source of income.

Please support me by subscribing to my ONLY FANS 18+ Adult Content. You can chat with me, have facetime, live cam, request custom videos, and view XXX videos and  XXX pics daily.

I don’t actually qualify for any financial support from Centrelink or the Stimulus Package because I am a New Zealander who immigrated to Australia post 9/11 and back in 2001, the then Coward government revoked our Protected Status and reduced us to being on a Special Category Visa which made us Permanent TEMPORARY Residents. An oxymoron I know!

I am allowed to reside in Australia, own a company, hold an ABN, pay tax, buy property, have a mortgage, drivers license and Medicare card but I am entitled to NO support if I fall on hard times – like now!

In order for me to qualify for financial support from Centrelink, I have to have resided in Australia for 10 years, and even then, I can only apply for a ONE OFF, emergency benefit for 6 months! I have called Australia home for nine years in April.

I am also offering erotic phone and video calls for a fee. I use Beem It (@maximon) or direct bank transfer (Australia Only). Please review my fees HERE.

Please consider supporting me through this time if you’re in a financial position to do so. I won’t forget who you are. Please add your name in the reference when you make a payment or donation so I know who you are.

Finally, please bare with me while I wrap my head around providing naughty content for you. I am waaaaay out of my comfort zone her, but up for the challenge!

Thankyou to those of you that have already made donations to help me through. My world is a better place for knowing you. Take care and stay safe. Jx


© Copyright 2020, Jezabel, All rights reserved








I see right through everything you try to impress upon me.

My nose is already cut; off, my mask forever cast into the pantomime of the dead.

When I rise,

I won’t need you.


There are no wallflowers here,
just silent observers casing the joint.

My grandfather’s spyglass has a cracked lens – one of those monocled, steampunky brass edged gems that’s uncoordinated at best but it serves more than a purpose.

Without you, I fade into the background.


I am like a mage.

I draw you in, but you beckon me out from behind my crystal pillars dangling wads of money and a job offer that’s on hold.

I come, baring more than just my breasts,

I am yours.


Till the thrill is gone.

I am in danger of succumbing to my own spell, rebounding long before

I am discarded,

when you’ve already moved on to Nightingales and page three nostalgia,

my unnatural incantations losing their spark along the way.

Still, you make me question where I belong.


I stand in the orange sunset smoking a durry on my balcony,

looking down from my lofty thoughts.

My high society, contemptible self-loathing

boldly framing my red-hinged double revolving doors

that would swing wider, if it weren’t for the sunstrike that has me



A spectral shade

of surreal light,

trapped by my own shadowban.


I see right through everything you try to impress upon me.

My nose is already cut; off, my mask forever cast into the pantomime of the dead.

When I rise,

I won’t need you.


© Copyright 2020, Jezabel and Escort Jezabel. All Rights Reserved